Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mid-season 2015

Falling behind more and more, but this is just a quick little mid-season check.

Honestly, I think they should just take the remnants of this ballot, and call it a nine-act ballot, and let's induct at least another six.  You'd get a solid class out of that, even if Sting was one of those six.  I don't like Kraftwerk, or Nine Inch Nails, and not a huge fan of N.W.A., but they all deserve induction.  Chic is a dead weight that we need to jettison, and induction's the only way that's gonna happen.  And I both like and believe in the merits of the Marvelettes, the Spinners, the Smiths, and War,  Any six of those nine, and you've got another decent class.

Regardless, that doesn't mean any of them are going to make the ballot later this year.  It's a pretty good guess that both N.W.A. and Chic will be back.  I'm gonna stretch a hair and say that both Kraftwerk and the Marvelettes will return as well.

The upcoming crop of newly eligible acts has some people clamoring, but I really don't know if any of them will appear.  Everyone is calling Alice In Chains and Smashing Pumpkins locks to be nominated.  I'm not sold on either one.  And if Janet and Whitney are still not in, then Mariah Carey's not gonna be nominated anytime soon either.  So all that, in my opinion, gives Nine Inch Nails another nod, and I doubt they miss twice.

The Death Fairy's been busy recently, and while Joe Cocker is a favorite among fellow Monitors and some members of the powers-that-be, I think he'll get passed by.  Lesley Gore is certainly high profile, but my faith in her ever getting the induction she deserves has diminished.  Still, I think a recent, high profile death will yield a nominee, and at present, it looks to be Ben E. King.  The Hall enjoys adding members to the Clyde McPhatter Club, and Ben E. would be a great addition, even if he hasn't been nominated in almost 30 years.

Six names picked and they're all repeats.  Any new names?  Yes, I think the NomCom will repeat the habit of scrapping an '80s alternative act when they fail to get in and replacing it with another one.  This time around, instead of the Smiths, we'll probably get Sonic Youth.  Also, Despite not being on the ballot last year, I'm still going by ?uestlove Gomez's shirts and say at some point we will see the Average White Band nominated.  And on the rap front, we may see Toure sneak a second act on the ballot, possibly De La Soul.  With Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble inducted at last, and with the queue cleared by getting the Paul Butterfield Blues Band in, the blues and blues-rock field is wide open.  Pretty good chances that Johnny Winter is next in line there.  With David Letterman retiring soon, he made his plea, particularly to bandleader Paul Shaffer, to try and get Warren Zevon into the Hall at last, so maybe his request will be honored.  There is certainly no shortage of people who agree with David on that one.  And while the Marvelettes and also Chic represent the female gender, perhaps they'll try to add another member of the feminine persuasion to the ballot.  Perhaps with Joan Jett in, it's time for Pat Benatar to get her due.

Let's throw three more repeats in to top it off.  Deep Purple, Yes, and the J. Geils Band to all return, to placate the classic rock crowd.

Off the top, off the cuff.  Something to do while waiting for the ceremonies to air.