Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Monitors" is plural for a reason.

So hopefully these first several blogs have given you a feel for what this whole blog is about.  I still haven't determined a regular pace at which I'd like postings to be done, or if there will even be a pace to it.  Nonetheless, and with a move across the U.S. pending in the next couple weeks, I feel that now is a great time to solicit for guest writers.  In some ways, I feel that this isn't just my blog, but this belongs to all of us.  Besides, you may have an idea for an article that I just plain haven't stumbled across in the back of my head, yet.  Well, now's your chance.  If you want to write an installment, or would like to suggest a topic for me in a future write-up, the guidelines are pretty basic.

1. Despite the freedom from FCC policy on the web, please write for the most part as if they could regulate us.  In my humble opinion, the more you swear, the more you come off as a jilted fanboy (or girl), and the less convincing your argument is going to appear.  I don't mind an occasional cuss, but if you feel the need to, be more like the Who's "Who Are You", and less like Adam Sandler's "Ode To My Car".

2. Don't be artist specific.  I started this blog with the intention of being a complement or sister site to the Future Rock Legends site (  If you want to write about an artist or topic that already has a page on FRL, it probably shouldn't go here.  Besides which, there are already enough individual blog posts all over the Internet about why Rush needs to be inducted.  On a side note, a big thank-you to FRL for linking to the previous entry ("Front Man Fever") on their Biggest Snubs page, and for continuing to link to each entry.

3. I'm a borderline grammarian.  I try to be as grammatically accurate as possible but am lenient when it comes to irregular punctuation, capitalization, etc. for the sake of driving the point home.  Nonetheless, and as the case is with language, bad grammar makes your argument seem less convincing.

4. Even though I said the blog belongs to all of us, it is in my account, and as such, I make the final call as to whether or not something gets posted.  I can't really conjur up a situation where this is an issue though.  Just don't invent one.  I'll also probably edit the more egregious spelling and other grammar errors.

5. When you send me your guest entry, let me know how you wish to be credited, i.e. your handle and/or pen name.

6. Submit all entries or ideas to  Place "Rock Hall Monitors Entry" somewhere in your subject title so I know it isn't a spam message.

Pretty simple, huh?  So with that in mind, the suggestions box is open!

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